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Soft And Juicy Semolina GULAB JAMUN

4 servings
10 Minutes to prepare
15 Minutes to cook


  • 1. Ingredient: a) Semolina – 1 cup b) Ghee Extract – 1 cup c) Khoa – ½ cup d) Milk powder – ½ cup e) Flour – 2 tbs f) Milk as required g) Raisins h) Sugar – 1 cup a) Lemon Juice b) Refined Oil for fry.


1. Method : 1) Take semolina ,add milk slowly and make a smooth paste. 2) Keep aside for half an hour. 3) Next add milk powder, Khoa and ghee extract and combine well. 4) Add flour and make a smooth dough. 5) Make Gulab jamun balls and keep aside. 6) Next fry the balls carefully. 7) Make sugar syrup and add gulab jamun balls. 8) Boil for 5 mins and your Gulab Jamun is ready. 9) Cool it and serve.

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