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Pickeled Enoki Mushrooms

These pickeled enoki mushrooms are a great little side dish, tart, spicy, garlicy and allround delicous, great on there own, on the side or as a topping for canapes 


15 servings
25 Minutes to prepare
0 Seconds to cook


  • 1. -Rice wine vinigar, 150 ml
  • 2. -Minced garlic, 2 cloves 
  • 3. -Salt and Pepper 1 teaspoon
  • 4. -1 small chillie crushed into a paste 
  • 5. -1 carrot
  • 6. -1 cucumber 
  • 7. -200g enoki mushrooms 
  • 8. - 1 stick of celery 
  • 9. - 30g fresh parsely
  • 10. 1 tablespoon sugar


1. Thinley slice the carrot, celery, cucumber and separate/ clean the mushrooms, once thats done you can mince your garlic

2. when you have finished prepping your vegtables you can start to make the brine which is very simple, in a bowl mix together the vinigar, salt, pepper, sugar, chilli, garlic fresh parsley and stir until fully combined

3. once your brine is done and vegges are cut its as simple as mixing together and leaving to marinade, it can be eaten straight away but is best after a few days in the fridge

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