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Passionfruit Squash/Passionfruit Syrup

5 servings
15 Minutes to prepare
15 Minutes to cook


  • 1. Passion Fruit 15 nos
  • 2. Sugar 750 gms
  • 3. Water 750 ml
  • 4. Salt 1 pinch
  • 5. Lemon Juice of Lemon 2 nos


1. Take out the seeds from the passionfruit and keep aside

2. Then heat a kadai along with water and sugar

3. let it boil and cook for more than 10 minutes

4. Now add salt and lemon juice

5. Allow to cool the syrup

6. Now use a fork and beat the passion fruit pulp

7. Or you can whip it in jar and strain if you dont want the seeds in your squash

8. Now add this pulp to the syrup and mix well

9. Keep in the refrigerator and use after cools down

10. U can pour one 1/4 portion of the syrup to the glass and then add water and mix

11. so the tasty passion fruit juice is ready to serve

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