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Niche Blogging : Every Food Blogger's Queries Solved !

As a food blogger have you ever found that your vegan recipes and articles, which you have written so passionately about, tend to generate more traffic or views?  

Or maybe it’s your Granny’s secret baking recipes and tips, which you blogged about ever so lovingly that has become the most popular on you site?

Whichever it might be, my dear friends, you have just hit a gold mine!

By creating those recipes or articles based on a certain topic you have just tapped The World of Niche Blogging!

What is Niche Blogging?

By definition “Niche blogging is the act of creating a blog with the intent of using it to market to a particular Niche Market”.

In simple terms Niche Blogging means blogging about something specific and its related topics.

The idea is to focus on a field that you love the most and blog about that particular topic and its related topics as passionately as possible!

Or you could look for an idea or field which you have knowledge on and which has not been blogged much about, and start from there!

For instance, blogging about Baking tips, recipes and related topics like vegan baking or gluten free baking ideas, is a wonderful example of Niche Blogging!

Another great example for a food blogger is blogging about a particular cuisine and its related fusion as well as contemporary twists.

Check out Vivera’s Kitchen, which is a lovely example of niche blogging. The blog’s main focus is on the Kerala cuisine.
This will help you in so many ways, especially in creating a loyal fan base!
Because it’s always better to be a master at something rather than the jack of all trades but the master of none!
The problem with bloggers when they’re starting out is that they tend to write on varied topics which they find interesting.

I’m sure you must be thinking:
“What’s wrong with that?”

Well, my dear, there isn’t anything wrong about writing about very different or unrelated topics every time you post a blog.

However the only problem is that your blog will not be able to generate a consistent number of views nor will it have a loyal fan base!

Take this for an example:
Imagine you are a vegan looking for vegan only recipes. You finally find a food blog that has amazing vegan recipes and tips.

You would be over the moon! As all of you endless search for such a blog has come to an end!
But in the very next post, the blogger posts a grilled beef with yoghurt marinade recipe and that too on what’s supposed to be his vegan blog!

Would you still continue to visit his site?
The answer, most definitely would be ...No.
This is what happens when your blog doesn’t have a focus or a niche topic to attract the right audience.

Advantages of Niche Blogging

Helps to create a quality blog site:

Just as in the previous example, blogging about something in particular is so much better than blogging about everything under the sun!
Niche blogging will help you create detailed posts. For example, if you’re focusing on baking and confectionaries, you could share your in-depth knowledge, experiences and advice to your audience.
This adds quality and detail to each post.

Helps you to stand out as an expert and not an amateur blogger:

When you post quality articles about you experiences of trying out traditional Kerala recipes or post tips on how to cook the perfect Kerala fish curry, you are creating an image of being an expert in the Kerala cuisine, in the eyes of your audience.

Helps in generating a loyal fan base:

Being considered an expert in that field or topic means that people looking for such articles and recipes would definitely follow you and eagerly await your every post!
Isn’t that awesome!

Helps to get a good SEO ranking:

Search engines like Google love niche blogs because of their quality information and detailed posts on a particular field.
Thus niche blogging can help you build your brand and help more people find your delicious food blog!

Makes it easier to create content:

When you know what you need to write or blog about makes it all the more easier than struggling to find content for some random idea or topic!
With niche blogging you will be able to know what your readers are looking for under particular topic, and creating content to solve their problems or questions, becomes a piece of cake!

How to identify your own niche market?

I’m sure this question has been burning in your mind throughout this post!
Well, my dear, here are few simple questions you need to ask yourself in order to help you find your niche market!
But first if you haven’t start you own yummy food blog, do try out our absolutely free platform that you could use to start your very own marvelous blog! And learn how you could make money off your food blog!

1.   What do I like writing about?

You can never start a niche food blog on a lifestyle or cuisine that you has or don’t feel passionate about!
In the end you will just runs out of ideas to write about!
To start, make a list of your favorite cuisines, lifestyles, food habit or even ingredients!
Find out a field where you think would have tons of ideas to write on and find out whether you feel satisfied every time you write about this topic.

2.      Am I passionate about it?

Being passionate about what you write about makes all the difference!
Your readers can feel the passion when you write about something you love and enjoy. This will make them stick on and look forward to your every post.
The added bonus is that you will feel satisfied and enjoy every moment of writing those tasty recipes or sharing an experience!

3.   Can my knowledge on this particular blogging niche help and inspire people?

Think about what you have to offer to your audience.
Try and find ideas, recipes, your own experiences or tips that could help your readers. This will help boost your reputation and image as well as expand your fan base!

4.      Can I bring something new in this field that people haven't seen before?

Being unique and throwing in new ideas or recipes on to your blog would help make your blog interesting and attractive.
When you select a niche market idea it’s important to think of the future and what you can do to keep your blog interesting!

5. Do people enjoy what I write on this particular subject?

When you write with passion and knowledge in that particular field, people interested in that subject are often attracted by blog!

To find out if people actually enjoy your blog all you need to do is check out for number of views or traffic that your posts generates!  

Check out the sample niches you could explore:

Lifestyle - Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten free, Dairy free.

Cuisine - For ideas and recipes related to the Kerala Cuisine check out Spalayil Kitchen

Pantry - For Gourmet recipes and ideas visit Sprig.

Wellness - Diet plans, recipes and tips designed for cholesterol patients, diabetes patients.

Now that you’re on the right path to finding your Niche market, All the best and have tons of fun food blogging!

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