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Muringakkaya Mezhukupuratty

4 servings
5 Minutes to prepare
10 Minutes to cook


  • 1. Drumsticks -15
  • 2. Small onions-15
  • 3. Curry leaves-2 strings
  • 4. Crushed Chilli flakes -2tsp
  • 5. Coconut Oil-2tbsp
  • 6. Coconut milk-1 1/4cup
  • 7. Water-1/4cup
  • 8. Salt-1 pinch
  • 9. Turmeric Powder-2pinch


1. Choose fresh tender Drumsticks

2. Peel them and cut into small pieces

3. Add these pieces along with coconut milk ,salt and turmeric powder

4. Close the kadai and cook in medium flame

5. Stir well in between

6. Cook till the drumstick pieces are dry

7. Check the salt Take out from the stove and keep aside

8. In a kadai heat oil,then add onion slices ,curry leaves and saute till light golden brown

9. Then add crushed red chilly flakes and saute till the raw smell goes (in medium flame )

10. To this onion chilli mix add cooked drumstick and mix well

11. Try to mix carefully

12. Cook for 2 minutes morev

13. So the yummy muringakkaya upperi is ready to serve

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