Masala Makhana

6 servings
5 Minutes to prepare
10 Minutes to cook


  • 1. Makhana 1/2 kgs
  • 2. Ghee 3-4 tsp
  • 3. Salt (as per taste) 3 tsp
  • 4. Red chili flakes(you can avoid this if you don't want your makhana to be spicy) 1 tsp
  • 5. Dry mango powder 2 tsp


1. Take a deep wok and heat it up.

2. Add ghee in it.

3. When the ghee is heated up add some salt in it.

4. Stir it and add makhanas.

5. Now add red chili flakes and dry mango powder.

6. Roast it on a low flame.

7. Stir it nicely,to coat the masala properly and drizzle some more ghee.

8. You can feel a chili smoke,so be careful while roasting it.

9. Now around after 5 to 7 minutes check the makhana by pressing it.

10. If they have turned crispy then turn off the flame.

11. Your Masala Makhana is ready to enjoy.

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