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Keto Diet : Day 9 Menu Plan

Keto Diet: The Delicious Way to Burn Fat!


Rise and shine my dear!
It another marvelous day of our FAT to Fabulous Journey #ketodiet !

Fire up your morning with a delicious cup of bullet coffee for an energizing breakfast!

Lunch will leave you blissfully satisfied on a bowl of mouthwatering paneer pakora!

Dinner will be elegant and simple today with a light yet refreshing Lemon Chicken Stew!

Day 9

Time Menu Amount
Bulletproof Coffee
1 cup
Paneer Pakoda
Dinner Lemon chicken  ¾ bowl

This week will definitely test your discipline to stick to the meal plan.

At the same time it will help you understand the value of food as a medicine for hunger and not as something to be consumed without restriction and caution!

Take the time to enjoy your meals. Sit down and relax before each meal,
savoring the aroma and taste of each delicious bite!

Realize that your body only needs nutritious food to sustain its function and try to understand the real purpose of the diet.

This will help you shift to a healthier eating plan in long run,
which will definitely make a huge positive impact on the health of your family as well as yourself!

Last but not least get a good night’s rest because tomorrow we have another delicious meal plan just for you!

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