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Healthy Oats Fingers In Air Fryer

Healthy Oats Fingers is a delicious Starter. Serve as a snacks or starter in a party................... Oats fingers is a mouth watering indian snack.It is used as a starter, snack in most Indian parties. It can be served with any chutney and tomato sauce..................Oats finger is baked in Air Fryer. Who are health conscious can bake in Air fryer. Other wise you can do shallow frying. I like baking with less oil.

4 servings
10 Minutes to prepare
15 Minutes to cook


  • 1. 1 cup saffola oats
  • 2. 2 boiled potatoes
  • 3. 1 chopped capsicum
  • 4. 1 grated carrot
  • 5. 1 teaspoon ginger, garlic and green chilli paste
  • 6. 1 teaspoon jeera, dhania and pepper powder
  • 7. 1 teaspoon kashmiri red chilli powder
  • 8. 1/2 teaspoon haldi powder
  • 9. 1 string chopped dhania leaves
  • 10. 1/2 teaspoon salt to taste


1. Step 1

2. In a bowl add mashed potatoes, grated carrot, chopped capsicum

3. few chopped dhania leaves. Red chilly, haldi powder, the paste and salt.......

4. Mix well.


6. Step 2

7. Add oats powder and a little oil mix........well and knead a smooth dough. No need of adding water. From the dough make a finger in shape.Once it is done. Keep aside..............


9. Step 3

10. Preheat Air Fryer 170 degree C for 5 minutes. Take out the basket apply oil in the basket.

11. Arrange the finger in a basket. Apply oil and bake for 180 degree C for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes. Check in between. If it is done. Then transfer to a serving plate


13. Step 4

14. Ready to serve with green chutney and tomato sauce...................

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