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Easy Boondi Ladoo

5 servings
20 Minutes to prepare
20 Minutes to cook


  • 1. Besan flour /Chickpeas Powder -1cup
  • 2. Water-1/2cup plus 2tbsp
  • 3. Baking Soda-1pinch
  • 4. Salt-1 pinch
  • 5. Yellow colour-2drops
  • 6. Sugar-1cup
  • 7. Water-3/4cup
  • 8. Salt-1 pinch
  • 9. Cardamom powder-1/2tsp
  • 10. Yellow colour-2drops
  • 11. Sugar Candy-2-3
  • 12. Cashewnuts-6
  • 13. Raisins-10


1. In a blender add besan baking soda and salt just whip

2. Then add water and colour make a fine batter

3. In a saucepan add water sugar and salt and keep aside

4. Heat oil in a kadai and heat

5. When oil is medium hot through a ladoo strainer add batter and shake slowly

6. Fry the boondi till cripsy

7. Then remove from the oil and keep in the striner

8. Make boondi same way from rest of the batter

9. Now make sugar syrup by heating in high heat for 8 minutes

10. Then add cardamom powder and colour

11. Now crush 3/4th of the boondi

12. Add that in a bowl along with the 1/4 th part of the full type boondi

13. Now pour the hot sugar syrup and mix well

14. Then add roasted cashews d raisins along with ghee to the boondi mix

15. Now add sugar candy

16. Mix well let the boondi absorb the sugar syrup

17. Now wet ur palm and make small balls out of the boondi mix

18. So the tasty easy boondi ladoo is ready to serve

19. If u feel ur ladoo to be very hard just heat for 10 minutes b4 serving

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