Crispy Peri Peri Smashed Baby Potatoes

This is a quick appetizer recipe and requires minimal ingredients. A popular spice mix Peri-Peri known as Piri Piri used widely in many recipes. It has a unique taste. In this recipe, I have used leftover readymade peri-peri spice mix.  

4 servings
10 Minutes to prepare
10 Minutes to cook


  • 1. Baby Potatoes – 250 Grams (boiled adding little salt)
  • 2. Peri Peri Masala- 1/2 - 3/4 tablespoon
  • 3. Butter – 2 tablespoon
  • 4. A small 1 pinch of salt.
  • 5. Garnish - Lemon wedges- 2-3


1. Thoroughly wash baby potatoes under running water for 3-4 times. Put them in a presser cooker; add 2 cups and 1/2 teaspoon salt. Close the lid and cook them for 2 whistles.

2. Allow pressure cooker to cool down before opening it. Take out the potatoes. Let them cool.

3. Place them on chopping board and cut into two halves. Using the palm of your hand slightly press the potatoes to flatten them.

4. Heat butter in a large nonstick pan. spread evenly.

5. Gently place the potatoes in a single layer. Sprinkle a small 1 pinch of salt. Don’t add more than a pinch as peri-peri masala already contains salt.

6. Cook them on a medium-low flame for 5-7 minutes from both the sides or until golden brown and crisp.

7. Add peri-peri masala. Toss it. sauté for few seconds.

8. Remove it on a plate. garnish with lemon wedges. Serve hot with any dip.

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