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Boost your Child's Memory: Foods to be included in your Child's Diet to Improve Memory!

It’s that time of the year where change is inevitable and when we contemplate on our past decisions in order to rectify them for the New Year!

As parents this can often be very hard as pinpointing our mistakes and trying to bring about change to the whole family can be a very daunting task!

Although taking New Year’s resolutions to improve the overall health of our family might seem like a challenging task in reality it’s not really that hard, but it will require a bit of effort and discipline to bring a about a change!

While taking such resolutions its best to focus on the positive results that these resolutions will bring to our family rather than the obstacle we might encounter while implementing these changes!

These resolutions can be as simple as cutting down on the junk food our kids eat, introducing more fruits and veggies in to their diet, reducing the amount of refined flour and sugar we use in our diet or it might be something bigger like trying to get our spouse or family member to cut down on their alcohol consumption or to quit smoking!

Whatever be your New Year’s resolution for your family, pursue it relentlessly with a strong will because the end result, of a happy and healthy family, would be quite worth the effort!

To give a head start on how to get your family to follow a healthy diet this New Year, we have
come up with our list of the Top 5 Healthy Foods That Will Boost Your Child’s Memory and which they will absolutely love!

1.   Green Leafy Veggies

Well I guess this one is obvious! Packed with antioxidants, carotenoids and the essential vitamin B, green leafy veggies are perfect for concentration, memory and overall brain power! However, I’m sure you’re wondering:
“My child absolutely hates green veggies, how can I possible add it to their diet?!”

Well here some really mouth-watering ways you can add greens to your child’s diet!

You spice it up as a delicious Methi Paranta or serve it as some really lovely Spinach Rice or may be toss it up a bit as a lovely Sandwich!

However you choose to include these lovely veggies in to your child’s diet, you will definitely be contributing well to their overall health!

2.   Fatty Fish

Fish contains essential omega-3-fatty acids that are apt brain food. Fish can also help in improving memory and prevention of mood swings, depression and even Fatigue!

There are so many awesome ways to include this lovely ingredient in to your child’s diet. Try out some colourful Sushi Rolls or present them as yummy Tuna Cakes!

These lovely snacks can really boost your Kid’s brain power so be sure to add them in to their diet!

3.   Oatmeal And Blueberries

Packed with healthy fibre oats are perfect for keeping hunger at bay and thus helping your kids focus better! Pair them up with some blueberries and you have the perfect brain food for your little ones!

Blueberries being high in flavonoids, are excellent in improve memory, learning and general cognitive function, including reasoning skills and decision making.

You can create the Perfect Granola Snack Bars for your kids to enjoy or even prepare savoury oats with this awesome Savoury Oats Upma Recipe!

4.   Yogurt

Packed with protein and calcium in yogurt helps you focus and is one those yummy foods that all kids love.
It can be served in so many ways and also contains Tyrosine, an amino acid found in yogurt, produces the neurotransmitters dopamine and noradrenalin, which both improve alertness and memory!

Serve up some lovely Yogurt And Berry Smoothie or maybe as Honey And Yogurt Pancakes! You can also try it as a tasty traditional side dish of Chembu Asthram

5.   Nuts

Without a doubt this flavoursome snack is an absolute must have in your kid’s diet! The important nutrient, Vitamin E found in nut, protects the brain cells from inflammation and damage and is found in sunflower seeds, almonds, peanuts, and hazelnuts.

Mix them together and add dried fruit for a homemade brain power trail mix! You can also add them to granola bars to make them even tastier!

We hope you have enjoyed our list of the Top 5 powerful brain foods to include in your child’s diet!

Do let us know what you think and what your resolutions are for the awesome year ahead!

Recipe Book wishes you a very happy and prosperous New Year Ahead.

We thank you for all you love and support that we have received this past year and look forward to have an even better year ahead with your constant support!

***This blog does not provide medical advice nor is it intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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