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3 Delicious Ways to Cook Sweet Potatoes!

Sweet potatoes are absolutely delicious with its unique sweet, earthy flavor and rich orange hue.
This yummy root, also called yams, can be prepared in a variety of way from Baked, steamed, boiled and Fried to juiced, pureed and even consumed raw!
Rich in Beta carotene as well as vitamins E and C, sweet potatoes also contain a variety of minerals like potassium and iron, making it absolutely wonderful to add to your diet!
To enjoy this lovely root vegetable to its utmost, here is a list of the top 3 ways to enjoy a delicious sweet potato!
1.       Simple Roasted Sweet Potatoes!
This is the easiest way to prepare these lovelies while still retaining the unique and rich flavor of this vegetable. All you will need is:
·         Washed and slice sweet potatoes (you don’t need to peel them) - 2 no.
·         Oil (as per your choice though coconut oil or olive oil would be best)-4 Tbsp
·         Salt –to taste
·         Spice -1 tsp
Mix all together and put on a baking tray line with baking paper. Bake for 10-15 min in a preheated oven at 200 degree Celsius.
Did you know: Sweet potatoes are a good source of fiber when eaten with the skin on!
2.      Sweet Potato Fries   
For this simple recipe you will need:
·         Sweet potatoes - 2 no.
·         Cornstarch- ½ cup
·         Club soda-6 tablespoons
·         Vegetable oil for frying
·         Salt-to taste
·         Spice- to season
Wash, peel and Slice the sweet potatoes in to chips (length wise). Pre-heat the frying oil in a frying pan. In bowl or Ziploc bag mix the cornstarch and club soda. Add in the raw sweet potatoes chip and mix well to ensure that chips are well coated. Fry the coated chip until light brown. Season with your favorite spice and serve with a delicious dipping sauce
Did You Know: Storing sweet potatoes in the refrigerator can make the center dry, hard and will have an unpleasant taste!
3.      Sweet Potato Smoothie
An excellent way to enjoy all the fiber and nutrient that sweet potato has to offer is by eating it raw.
This quick sweet potato smoothie is an absolutely awesome way to start your morning! For this recipe you will need:
·         Peeled raw sweet potato -1/2 cup
·         Raw coconut flakes-1 tbsp
·         Coconut water- 6 tbsp
·         Flax seeds powder-1 tbsp
·         Vanilla extract-1 tsp
·         Cinnamon powder- as per required
·         Nutmeg- a pinch
·         Ground ginger-a pinch
·         Optional: dates- pitted 2 no.
·         Optional: 1/2 frozen banana (peel before freezing)
Blend all the above ingredients together and add the spice as per your taste. Sugar can be added if required although this drink is naturally sweet!
Did you know: 80% of the world’s sweet potatoes come from China!
Did you enjoy our top 3 sweet potato recipes? Well, let us know down in the comment section! Also check out our other articles on 5 Amazing ways Coconut Can Benefit Your Skin!

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