Oreo butterscotch mousse

Oreo butterscotch mousse

temting mousse


Oreo 1 packet

Whipp cream 1 cup

Butterscotch essence 1 tbspn

Sugar 4 tbspn

Water 1 tbspn


1.Take a pollybag and put the biscuits into it and just mashed it with rolling pin

2. Now take a pan and add sugar and lil bit water into it and just caramelised it now put 1 tablespoon cream and mix it now keep it aside.

3. Now whipp the cream by whisker and put it into the fridze

4. Now take the cream and add caramelised sugar and mix it and put it into a pollybag with nossil of ur choice ( i use the simple).

5. Now take a glass and add crushed biscuits and then cream mixture repeat it till then the glass fill

Garnish with crushed and cracked oreos

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