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Jeera Rice Restaurant Style

Jeera rice restaurant style is a simple yet delicious variant of rice which is flavoured with pan fried cumin seeds and whole...

Sweet Corn Risotto

Sweet corn Risotto is an authentic Italian gourmet dish which is creamy and delicious just like a celebration dish. It is goo...

Chocolate chip butter scotch walnut Cookies (eggless)

Chocolate chip butter scotch walnut Cookies (egg less) These eggless cookies are delicious, chocolatey and just perfect wit...

Garlic Bread Pizza Discs

Garlic bread Pizza Discs are very easy and quick to make and liked by all.  These are delicious and healthy for kids, as I h...

Noodles Masala kebabs

This is my new and innovative version of delicious and healthy mouth-melting kababs prepared from our very own oats maggi noo...

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