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"I'm not a chef. But I'm passionate about food - the tradition of it, cooking it, and sharing it" says Zac Posen. The same goes with me too. The simplest things like cooking a good meal and enjoying it with my friends and family pleases me immensely. This is Mabel Vivera, the person behind the page/blog "Vivera's Kitchen". I started blogging a few years ago to share cooking recipes and ideas, which has been tried and tested in my little kitchen. The recipes range from the ones shared within our family, friends and some from the web. With cooking, there are so many flavors, it is how you combine them that sets you apart. By profession, I am a Human Resources consultant. I live in New Zealand with my husband and 2 teenage children. Our family is originally from India. As the saying goes, it is hard to take India out of an Indian, so you would find that majority of my recipes belong to Indian cuisine. Cooking, photography and travel are the three things which I passionately hold close to my heart. I hope you enjoy my page. "A person cooking is a person giving. Even the simplest food is a gift". Laurie Colwin


This is a colourful and tasty breakfast, and healthy too because of the nutritious vegetables added. This is simple to prepar...


This Pickle is made with Beetroot and dates; usually served with biryani, pulao etc. This dish takes a little more than a day...
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This is one of the basic side dishes served with popular South Indian breakfast like Idli, Dosa etc. Tomato chutney tastes t...
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Aval Upma is made from flattened rice (beaten rice - poha) and has all the goodness of rice. It is a delicious breakfast and/...
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FRENCH TOAST STICKS:  This French toast sticks would make the absolute lazy weekend brunch. French toast is made by gently f...
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