1. What is recipeblog?
    RecipeBlog is an online platfrom dedicated to food related blogs where users can set up Blogs as a subdomain to RecipeBlog. Users can also always use a separate independent domain name to use as their blogs URL.
  2. How do I use RecipeBlog?
    You can start using RecipeBlog by signing up using your email ID or any of the social media (Google or Facebook) shown in the sign up page. Your personal preferences will be asked in the beginning so that your feed can be customized . You can choose to create your blog right away or later anytime during your usage.
  3. Is there a monetization part to RecipeBlog?
    Yes. RecipeBlog offers monetization via Adsense and Affiliate marketing platforms.
  4. Can I start earning money right away using RecipeBlog?
    The earning part depends on your content quality and other parameters. You will start earning after your blog starts to attract quality viewers. The technical part of it is taken care of RecipeBlog.
  5. Is it free to use RecipeBlog?
    Yes. RecipeBlog is free to use and always will be.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to send them to us at info@recipeblog.io