What is recipeblog?

RecipeBlog is an online platfrom dedicated to food related blogs where users can set up Blogs as a subdomain to RecipeBlog. Users can also always use a separate independent domain name to use as their blogs URL.

How do I use RecipeBlog?

You can start using RecipeBlog by signing up using your email ID or any of the social media (Google or Facebook) shown in the sign up page.
Your personal preferences will be asked in the beginning so that your feed can be customized.
You can choose to create your blog right away or later anytime during your usage.

Is there a monetization part to RecipeBlog?

Yes. RecipeBlog offers monetization via Adsense and Affiliate marketing platforms.

Can I start earning money right away using RecipeBlog?

The earning part depends on your content quality and other parameters. You will start earning after your blog starts to attract quality viewers. The technical part of it is taken care of RecipeBlog.

Is it free to use RecipeBlog?

Yes. RecipeBlog is free to use and always will be.


How does this work??

This is quite simple . When you publish a recipe, you will be able to link a few products from a list. These products will appear in your blog along with the recipe and in a separate store page. When a user visits your blog and recipe, they will see this product as well. And if they choose to purchase that product from your blog, you will get a commission from the vendor, upon successful delivery of that product. It will show up in your RecipeBlog account and you can get it transferred to your bank account.

How to start the store?

You have to request the store feature to be enabled in your blog. In the initial stage, only a select few will receive the approval. Once you are approved, you will have a store dashboard from where you can control all your store related activities.

How do I request for the store?

Sign in to RecipeBlog , go to the menu , click on Store and , submit a request from there. Once you are approved from our side, you can start linking products right away.

How do I start with the products and recipe?

You can publish new recipes and link them to products. Or edit your already published recipes and link products to them. Both ways work. Just make sure that your stories are recipes (stories with ingredients and directions) not posts (stories without ingredients and directions)

How do I link products to recipe?

You must have recieved the store approval for this. You will recieve an approval notification and email.
If you are creating a new recipe , then cilck on add a new story’ from the menu. Add the necessary details like, image, description and title. Then click on ‘add ingredients’. After you add ingredients , directions and other details underneath, there will be a ‘Link products’ button. Click on it. You will see a list with all the available products. Scroll through and select the ones you want to link to that recipe. Click ‘Return’. Then the products you have selected are, linked to that recipe. Click publish.

How do I make money out of store?

You will earn money for each sale you make out of your blog’s store. The commission is fixed from the vendor’'s end. You will see it in your store dashboard next to each product.

How much money are we talking about?

It depends on your efforts. The more you promote your blog, and the more visitors you have, higher the chances purchases and higher the earnings you receive.

How much money is ensured?

This is not a get rich quick scheme. This is only a tool with which you can earn money out of your food blog and recipes.

How is RecipeBlog benefitting from this?

The primary intention of Recipeblog is to be a platform and tool with which Food bloggers can curate and publish their creativity in a simple and effective way. The main roadblock foodbloggers face is the hardship in making a reasonable earning from their passion. This is not limited to any country, but a problem faced by every food blogger everywhere. With this store , and many other exciting features coming along, we are going to tackle this problem, directly.
Our aim is to become the most powerful tool for a food blogger, and this is a crucial step in that direction.

How do I receive money from this?

For now, you will enter your account details in your store dashboard. We will verify the details one time. Once your earnings cross INR1000 , you will be able to request money to be transferred to your verified bank account.

How do I submit my bank account?

In the store dashboard, there is an earnings tab. You can submit your details there.

Do I have to take care of the delivery and other e-commerce aspects?

No. It will all be handled by the vendor.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to send them to us at [email protected]