Privacy policy

Last updated on: March 14th, 2017

Read the terms and conditions jotted down in the Recipe Book blog privacy policy carefully before you begin using our services. By accessing and utilizing our services, you acknowledge that you have read, comprehended, and fully agree to our rules and regulations. If by any means you have a difference in opinion regarding our terms and conditions, we request you to kindly stop using our services and exit the webpage.
Note: This privacy policy is subject to change as and when the policies are revised periodically. Hence we request you to check our policies from time to time, or when we notify you regarding the incorporation of new policy practices or alterations to existing policies.
Recipe Book blog is owned and operated by Recipe Book, a venture by Agrima Infotech ltd. To use our services, users are bound to abide by the rules and regulations specified in this Privacy policy. This policy shall enlighten users how we collect, keep, or use their personal information and data, and also shed some light on our general privacy practices. We are bound to protect and safeguard the information and data you have volunteered to share with us, and ascertain that no malpractices occur.
The user is required to create and maintain a username and password to access his profile. The password is encrypted to avoid any unwanted access and we suggest you do not share your password with anyone to safeguard your profile from any malpractices.The user can alter the information provided later on simply by accessing 'Settings' in the profile page. Additionally, it is upto the user to decide what is the nature and degree of the interaction he wishes to engage in and therefore, we advise you to set your privacy features accordingly.
The nature of the information gathered from you can either be a personal one or a non-personal one. Your personal information will be identified as either a mandatory one or a voluntary one. Mandatory information refers to that data (your name, address, phone number, date of birth or credit card details) without which you will not be allowed to participate or engage in an activity. This is the information about you that we require to identify our users, provide them with our services and features, assist, contact, conduct analysis, improve traffic, implement marketing strategies, engage with third parties, etc. Once enrolled, the data will be securely stored within our servers and we do not ask our users to input the data again. If in case you opt to refer a friend through Recipe Book blog, we might store the details of that person for future contact. If upon contact by us your friend is not interested to join and use the services of Recipe Book blog, they are free to contact us and request for a removal of their personal information from our database. Information of the non-personal kind refers to the data generated primarily due to your engagement in the website and your activities such as posts, feedback or participation in other services. In order to provide services custom made to suit your preferences, we might use your location data, URLs of websites you visited before or after you accessed Recipe Book blog, or your IP address. We collect this data to ensure we comply with the law, to understand the market trends or for promoting advertisements. Ultimately, the user has the choice to provide or withdraw specific information (other than those required for utilizing our services) in the Recipe Book webpage. The user can also choose to unsubscribe from communications that does not interest him like promotional emails anytime.
Since your postings such as blog posts, comments/reviews/feedback/suggestions/opinions, chat rooms, etc are open for the public to view or participate in, the information you upload or provide is susceptible for collection, sharing or for any other use by either third parties or others online, for which Recipe Book blog cannot be held responsible. We caution you to be aware of the full implications of the data you wish to post, upload or share.
We guarantee to not indulge in any sales or unlawful transmission of your personal information. We shall however, share your information with some recognized third parties, in order to provide you their services. The usage of your data by these third party organizations are subject to their privacy policies and we do not undertake any responsibility for the usage of the same.
Recipe Book blog may be subject to a merge or acquisition by another firm following which your information (both personal and non-personal) shall end up being shared with/acquired by firms involved. However, your information shall still be bound to this Privacy policy.
If you need any clarification or further elaboration in any of the sections specified in our privacy policy, do send your queries/feedback at, and we will assist you in the matter.